Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Harry Potter Q&A Part 2!

Hey everyone. Massive update today! Thanks for all your questions and your visits. Without further ado, here's a ton of your questions answered.

But first a few comments....

One thing I realize people have been asking is about the scenes at Godric's Hollow. The sequence goes like this: They arrive and they notice the Christmas Caroling. Then, they see the cemetery and they go in. Hermione finds the tomb of one of the three brothers. Harry calls her over to show her his parents' grave. She laws a wreath. While they're talking Hermione notices Bathilda Bagshot. She calls Harry over and Harry decides to follow her. As they're walking to her house, the walk past the Potter house. Harry stops and makes a comment to Hermione about the significance of that place (can't quite remember what was said, sorry) There are no flashbacks or anything else. It's a nice quiet moment, and they they go to Bathilda's house.

Another thing I noticed that I haven't been too clear about is the Ron / Hermione relationship. I would say there's no need to worry. You can see that they really like each other and they're very close. Any Harry / Hermione moments are cute but not romantic. For example, the added dancing scene plays more as a couple of friends just having fun than anything romantic. Unfortunately, I don't really remember many particular moments other than him being jealous of her and Krum at the wedding and him being desperate when she's being tortured, but they're there, I just can't remember them. Hehe.

Third, about the mirror. It is not well explained where Harry got it from, but we do see him use it quite a bit. We see Aberforth's eye but obviously we're led to believe it's Dumbledore. In Malfoy Manor, Harry uses the mirror just before Dobby appears.

1) Can you describe more the scene of Harry and Ron argument? I want details about it.
Harry and Hermione are come into the tent from doing something outside, when they come in, Ron is listening to the radio, and Harry says something along the lines that he shouldn't listen to it anymore, because there's nothing he can do. At this point, Ron gets livid and starts yelling about how he doesn't care because he has no family to worry about, how he has no plan, how Dumbledore didn't give him any clues on what to do. After that, Ron decides to leave and asks Hermione to come with him and she says no.

2) Did Harry and Hermione read the book of Life and Lies of Dumbledore?
No. She finds the book in Bathilda Bagshot's house, but we don't really hear about it anymore afterwards.

3) Can you remember any dialogue between Snape and Voldemort? Because you can add this to your description. ¡It´s an important part! You only mention between Voldemort and Lucius.

Neither of them have a lot of lines, and even less between each other. Snape only appears in the beginning of the film, and mostly to go and report when Harry will be moved. The scene is very similar to the book, including someone else saying July 31st and Snape saying that's just a false trail.

4) Was the attack of the death eaters to the cafe a great scene?

Yes. It was kinda funny because there's a waitress who's oblivious to the whole thing, and the battle between them is very gritty, especially because it's just after the wedding and they're all really worried. At the end, Hermione casts the same memory hex on one of them as she did her parents.

5) I thinks that a script extract revealed the part of the trio arrving at the burrow; so Does Harry see through Voldemort´s mind the torture of Ollivander?
Yes, he sees Olivander being tortured. Other than the beginning scene, these flashes are the main way we see Voldemort (up until the last scene). I wasn't particularly happy with them, because they were a little messy and confusing.

6) Did the movie show Harry´s obsession about the Hallows or do you think that they left it for the second part?

Left for the second part.

7) How was the Sirius´s mirror introduce?

I can't remember if it was, and I haven't read anyone else talk about it, so I don't think it got a proper introduction.

8) Were in the movie scenes of Ron alone after he had the argument with Harry?


9) Can you give us a detailed description about how was the horrocruxes´s story told?

Like I wrote on my original review, Hermione's telling the story but the movie cuts to an animated sequence that looks like a cross between stick figures and a Tim Burton movie. (Though it's not as creepy as what Tim Burton would do) It;s kinda hard to describe the visuals to be honest. The actual story is almost verbatim to the book.

10). How was the cinematography, the lighting and color tone? Is it as visually gorgeous and unique like the sixth movie? Was there a lot of handheld camera during action scenes?
It was very well shot. Much wider range of tones and colors. The scene with the snatchers is all handheld camera. It feels like a Jason Bourne movie

11). Were the action scenes well shot and edited? My major disappointment with Yates' films has always been the lack of real action scenes so I hope he does it better this time. Are they too slow, too short or anticlimatic?

Unfortunately I would have to say yes. While they are better than in the last 2 Harry Potter movies, they could still be improved. In particular, I though the last fight at Malfoy Manor could have been more exciting.

12.) Was it mentioned that the snitch can remember the first person who touched it? Did Harry recall using his mouth to catch the Snitch during his first match?

Yes and Yes. Though it's a little bit later, when he and Hermione are alone in the woods.

13.) Did we see many new parts of the ministry other than the atrium/statue/courtroom? Can you please describe what the set design looks like?

There weren't that many new places shown other than the entrance through the bathrooms and Umbridge's office.

14.) I would like to know if you can recall Harry's reaction to Hedwig's death, if he even has one. Do they mention Hedwig after her death?

He yells as she falls into the ground while they're flying. I think she's mentioned once more, when they ask how the Death Eaters recognized him.

15.) Do they mention Sirius when they are at Grimmauld Place?
Yes, right when they enter they are attacked by the spell that looks like Dumbledore and they mention that it was in case Snape came.

16.) There have been reports that the godrics hollow and malfoy manor scenes are too short. Would you agree?
Yes, I think they're too short and not urgent / exciting as they could have been.

17) When hermione is being tortured do we actually see it? Or is it more off screen? How was the acting?
It's both on and off screen. Acting is great, especially Helena Bonham Carter.

18) During the destruction of the Locket Horcrux, when Ron sees Harry and Hermione kissing, was it the actual actors in this scene or do you think it was just animation with their voices?
It looked like the real actors, but they were in a silver hue and surrounded by smoke. It was kind of a shocking scene and I imagine people will be talking about it when the movie comes out.

19) During the Ministry infiltration, do the trio have their voices when they are polyjuiced or is it the other actors?
I'm almost positive it's their own voices.

20)According to reports, Scrimgeour only has two scenes. How long is his speech at the beginning, and in the will scene, does he get impatient/angry with Harry at all? Bill Nighy refers to him as "good", so I'm worried that they toned down his personality. Overall, how much screen time would you say he has?

He is not in the movie for very long. The speech is good, but only lasts about 2 -3 minutes tops, I would say. The will scene is very tense and lasts about 4 to 5 minutes, and I'd describe him as quietly confrontational, but he does get angry when asked about Griffindor's sword. It's a very tense scene. He doesn't ask Harry to support the Ministry.

21) Does Bellatrix Attack the Snatchers like she does in the book?

Yes she does. I liked that scene a lot.

22) Was there a shot with a Cooling Tower? Did the trio walk past some Cooling Towers in their travels ?
There was a shot of them under something that looked like a cooling tower, but it couldn't have been because they were literally under it. It looked like silos almost. I don't remember a cooling tower, but it's possible it was there.

23) The only thing that confused me was no talk with Ollivander before voldlemort goes to dumbledores tomb is it made clear that dumbledores wand is the elder wanrd b4 voldelmort takes it? how?

I think he finds out through Gregorovitch and Harry sees it through one of the times he sees Voldemort's mind. He realizes Voldemort will have the Elder Wand.

24) Do the trio skirmish in the Ministry of Magic scene with Umridge and company? If so does it take place in the courtroom? Is harry under the cloak in this scene? If not how does he enter the room? Do the trio still split up in the ministry of magic scene or do they stay together the entire time? Does Ron go to stop the raining while Hermione goes with Umbridge to take notes and Harry goes off in search of her office?

Yes, Yes, No (which is weird, the cloak is not even mentioned in the movie at all. If I remember correctly, all we get is a conspicuous glance between the three when they hear about one of the Hallows being a true invisibility cloak). They do split up in the scene and they go do exactly what you asked.

25) Do the trio get attacked by dementors while they are camping? Is this the scene by the cooling tower?

They are not attacked by Dementors anywhere but the Ministry of Magic.

26) You said that Harry's wand gets broken at Godric's hollow. Does Ron bring another wand with him when he returns that Harry uses in the film?

Yes he does.

27) Do the trio ever hear about Ginny, Neville, and Luna trying to take the sword from the heads office? If so where do they hear it, on the radio, or somewhere else?

This was entirely cut. No scenes at Hogwarts. Potterwatch was reduced to a bunch of static with the radio saying names of people who had disappeared.

28) What could you tell about the 'encounters' with Death Eaters during the camping scenes?

Other than the one when they were captured, there is a scene where Hermione comes very close to a snatcher who can smell, but not see or hear her. She never seems to be in danger, she just gets worried the spell isn't strong enough.

29) So, as I know, Hagrid gets paralyzed early in the seven potters chase. I was also told that he does some cool maneuvers with the motorcycle to avoid the death eathers. Is this the only thing he does in the chase? No spells being cast etc? Oh, and does he do anything funny in the film? Like in the book where he crush some chairs at the wedding.

He has some funny moments in the chase when he hits the motorcycle's turbo button. He also has some funny awkward glances with Maxime.

30) Can you confirm whether or not the 1980 flashback (to the night Harry's parents were killed) was shown? I'm assuming not since we haven't heard anything about it, but it also hasn't been outright declared missing. Also would like confirmation on whether or not there the film had the Kreacher's Tale flashback to the cave used in HBP. I thought the Leaky report said yes, but others said no.

No flashback. And no Kreacher's tale. Also, a note on the Mugglenet podcast where some weird Kreacher rumors surfaced. The only reason they got quiet and awkward was because there wasn't really much to say about Kreacher and they did not want to spoil how Dobby got reintroduced.

31) Is their any evidence of Harry finding Ron/Hermione talking behind his back?
None that I can remember. In fact, the opposite is emphasized, with Ron just staring at Harry / Hermione as they talk about their quest.

32.) From the trio, who gave the best overall performance?
I would say Ron was the best character and the best acted character in the movie.

33.) What were scenes/moments added that weren't in the book?
The only one that really stood out was Harry and Hermione dancing in the tent when they were by themselves. I can't think of any more, though I'm sure there are, sorry.

34.) Is there any dialogue during hermione hexing her parents?
Just her parents watching a documentary about Australia and how much they'd like to go there. It's in the background while we see Hermione struggle with what she's about to do though.

35.) How were the scenes after they apparate from the wedding? Ex. Streets if London, cafe scene.
They're nice, I think they've ben pretty well described elsewhere. There's a funny moment with Hermione realizing they forgot Harry's Birthday.

36.) Is voldemort in the 7 potters scene?
Yes. He chases after Harry.


  1. Thank you for your very good answers. But you didn´t reply this previous question:

    1) Can you give us a detailed description about how was the horrocruxes´s story tell?

    Because your relpy was about the deathly hallows and Erick from TLC mentions flashes about Dumbledore and Slughorn so I want to know more about that. I think it could be while they are talking with the book the secrets of the darkest art or another thing.

    And I have more questions (sorry about that):

    2)Was the Kreacher´s Tale in the movie? You answer not the flashback but it could be tell by oral form.

    3) Are we able to see how Voldemort find an old Grindelwald in prison?

    4)The movie exactly ends with dobby´s grave and dumbledore´s grave. Is that correct?

    5)I am vey curious about why Harry and Hermione don´t read the life and lies of... becasute in the magazine EW was a picture with Hermione giving the book to Harry.

    6)Can you describe all the scenes that happened in Grimmauld Place? Because it will be more easy for us.

    7) Were the trio figting with the death eaters in the Xeno´s House? Or they escape and later they figth with the snatchers?

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for these interestings details.

    Please, talk about Luna´s scenes.

    Had Rita Skeeter an important role?

    There was a scene from Harry Olivander talking about the deathly hallows at the end of the movie?

    There is a scene at the beginning of the movie with Ron and his family. Can describe it?

  3. Thank you! One question of mine you didn't answer, though was...

    Did they make it clear that Voldemort made 6 Horcruxes? And that 2 were destroyed so there are 4 left to find? Because I saw a script excerpt where they said Voldemort made SEVEN Horcruxes, and there are FIVE left, and that's wrong.

  4. Thanks for answering to the fans of HP. I have read everything you
    post and you never mentioned if Hermione cry hard for Ron like in
    the book because that part of the book is very important for her relationship with him

    K. Jean

  5. good evenning

    can you tell me about the scene of voldemort flying to hogwatrs and chasing harry??is it weird???


  6. Hi! I have few questions of my own, can you please answer:

    1. How many Harry/Ginny scenes are there in the movie? What exactly happened to those scenes?

    2. Do you remember their (Harry/Ginny) conversation before they kissed? What did they talk about?

    3. Can you please tell us Ginny's role in the movie? What are her scenes?


  7. 8)Can you describe what happened in the Bathilda´s house?

    9)In one of the trailer Harry appeared sit in the woods with the mirror so is this scene in the movie?

    10)In the Malfoy´s Manor, after Harry and Ron are free How did Harry take the three wands from Malfoy? Manually or with a spell?

    11)Where did the trio talk about the horrocruxes and how find them?

    12)Does Harry use the invisibility cloack and the marauder´s map? When? Can you describe the moments?

    Thank you again.

  8. Thank you so much for this details!
    I have ONE question which has not been answered above,and it would be great if you could answer it now.
    Does Grindelwald appear in the movie? If so,in what scenes?
    Thank you.

  9. Also another quick question: Did they make any mention of the attack on the Burrow from the sixth film? Like, do they show the Weasleys fixing it up or talking about how they had to fix it up or anything?

  10. During the Dark Lord Ascending scene does voldemort or anyone mention that the malfoys are related to a blood traitor, tonks, and that shes married to a werewolf? Also that charity burbage is the muggle studies teacher? Kind of giving that "Nazi" undertone to the story?

  11. hey! loved your coments and they are a great way of not being disappointed at the premiere, since i know now what to expect (i was caught by surprise on the last movie) but i have a few questions that i didnt se any coment about.

    1. does harry finds his mother's letter and his baby picture?
    2. how about luna, mr. olivanders and Griphook (the goblin), were they being kept prisioners at the malfoy's mansion? could you describe more of this scene, and the whole "wormtail not dying"?
    3. is there a war memorial in front of harry's house? (the scene in godric's hollow).

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